• Visualizing Abstract Abstract Machines [PDF] Accepted as a talk at Scheme'19 workshop
  • A DSL embedded in Rust (Partial Paper) [PDF,IFL Draft Proceedings] Accepted for presentation at IFL'18, (Full Paper) [PDF] Later accepted for main publication
  • Programming in the Rust Type System (Proposal) [PDF] Prepared for POPL'18 Tutorials (not selected to give tutorial)
  • IODyn: A High-level Language for Incremental Computation (Slides)[PDF] Prepared for POPL'18 SRC (not selected to give talk)
  • The Random Access Zipper: Simple, Persistent Sequences (Partial Paper) [PDF] Accepted for presentation at TFP'16, (Full Paper) [PDF] Later accepted for publication in TFP'16
  • Please Repeat Yourself: A Simple and Responsive Text Editor via Incremental Computation and the Random-Access Zipper (Full Paper) [PDF] Reorganized into later projects